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sites for downloading pc games
"sites for downloading pc games"

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what is the best site to download pc games?

Looking for the free apps needed to download pc games for free for your new gaming computer? You came to the right place. 

Computer games have become more and more popular in the modern world, and many players are looking for the best sites to download computing games and add them to their personal game collections. 

When you have just bought a game computer or build one of the zeroes that the victories of the silicon mass and plastic need excellent software to take it to say that the limits. Lucky for you, even if you have just exploded all your money on your installation, there are several applications of this type that will not cost you a penny. 

Do not let your brilliant new computer be proud of your desktop waiting to be pushed to its limits until you fill in the balance sheet of your bank. Free additional consumption applications for your new game computer, which you can download now until you are at cost while you know where to see.

so in this article, we offer the best sites for downloading pc games for free and for paid games.

1- Steam

best software for downloading pc games

Steam is one of the biggest sites for downloading pc games in the technology world.

Well, it's easy to sell. If you have built or purchased a bright new computer for the express goal of games, there is software that you simply can not live without good steam. 

Drain PC owners in the form of a safe professional ecosystem, usually associated with closed core consoles. You can find a free game, inexpensive India, or complete explosion troops and start them directly from the software. 

By taking care of the achievements, plus a great image mode for the games of your sofa. We love it here, and we are sure you will also have a lot of attachment to that.

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2- LogMeIn Hamachi

best software for downloading pc games

Logmein Hamachi is a site for downloading pc games that allows you to enjoy multiplayer games on a secure virtual network, a suction, you want to organize secure meetings or save multiple participants on a podcast or game session, you must be able to rely on a strong and reliable VPN (a virtual private network ).

Logmein Hamachi is fully free to use, but do not let the lack of price label you scare - the free clearly is not equal to "cheap". 

Hamachi allows you to install Hartight Network between multiple computers and do everything to share files to play private games using the Super Secure P2P protocol to ensure that it can easily access servers, firewalls, and routers. 

Taste one of the simplest interfaces we've ever used in the VPN world, so if you are relatively new to the concept, Hamachi will not make you feel the new coming generally.

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3- Mega Games

best software for downloading pc games

Hardcore players will benefit from Mega Games. This site is designed for true players who live and breathe games for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

It exploits coaches, corrections, mods, and more for popular titles, as well as the investment of An entire section of free programs with fun gaming gifts. 

You can find here many independent titles and grounding, including puzzles, arenas, horrors, and arrows. The layout of the site is simple and simple, and users are recommended to create their own content on the site.

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4- Battle.net

best software for downloading pc games

Battle.net, often contracting in the BNET. Battle.net is a game distribution platform, property, and managed by Activision Blizzard.

It has its own exclusive installation, and it is an ideal place to find games Free of this great playing company, like the World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Starcraft II. 

The node also has fun social features to connect with friends and much more.

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5- Epic Games store

best software for downloading pc games

In recent years, the Epic Games store can be considered the best site for downloading pc games free and it has appeared in recent years as the main opponent of the best Game Store.  

Epic is a successful gaming business and has invested a lot of work and money to make this platform successfully compete with free names. 

On a regular basis, many large games are available for free for a limited time, as well as many other big free games, such as Genshin impact and World of Warships.

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6- Acid Play

best software for downloading pc games

A huge game library, the Acid Play store is a site for downloading pc games that has a giant collection of games of different types. Games in an acidic room have been classified into action, arcade, board games, RPG, card games, puzzles, driving, games, simulators, etc.

You will find the game that you look for, just by searching for its name that will save your time because you do not need to see thousands of games.

Rating of each game will help you as if you are new on this site, or if you are looking for a new game to play, you can simply choose once again that one, do not try each game to solve the best for you. Check the estimates provided by other players and this will solve your problem. You can also enjoy the game according to your sorrows.

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7- ALLGamesatoZ

best software for downloading pc games

The website is full of exciting games belonging to different genres, such as action, arcade, shooting, role plays, adventures,  simulations, and it is a site that can be used for download for pc games car racing, etc. 

The individual search bar is available for you to find the exact game you are looking for without having to skip thousands of games. and Several download links of a single game are available.

AllGameSatez games are available on Windows, Linux, and Mac. A Forum for game reviews is provided for you to be easier to decide what game you want to download without the need to try them.

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8- Softpedia

best software for downloading pc games

Softpedia is a free download Hub, where users can find direct links to download for all types of applications and software for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, is also a good place to find free games. 

The library is not extensive as on other sites, but you can always download pc games for free as puzzles, racing games, RTS, and RPG games.

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9- Ocean of Games

best software for downloading pc games

The ocean of the games is another useful site for downloading pc games free in a range of genres. The layout and interface of this site are a bit basic and obsolete, but it still works well, with the category buttons and the useful search bar to help you find the names you like. 

The site looks and feels like an ordinary blog, with poles dedicated to each match, offering details and direct links to download a number of popular genres, such as strategy, arrows, action, adventure, and puzzle.

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10- Origin Games

best software for downloading pc games

Origin games site is one of the top websites for downloading pc games free.

It Contains a fairly large game library that is premiums, but original games, provide free download links, but for a limited period.

Origin users are represented by many social characteristics, such as profile management, network with friends via a private video, and broadcast via Twitch TV. You can also share your game library and integrate the community through social media and network sites, such as Facebook. , Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Network.

Origin games offers a wide variety of PC games at FIFA games and even classic games such as vs zombies plants are also available. 

The on-House features allow guests to download a free trial version of the premium game.

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11- Caiman.us

best software for downloading pc games

Caiman.us is one of the download pc games sites that has a large collection of games and has more than twenty categories of free games, 2D and 3D game experience. 

An individual search is available that the player can find the game easier than they are looking for and there are a huge collection of free download games and games. 

unfortunately, the site is not well organized and causes confusion. The search bar is at the bottom of the page so that a person can find it difficult to find. The site has also been put offline so the games are not updated, and there are no new games.

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12- G2A

best software for downloading pc games

G2a is best known as a site for downloading pc games in which users can get big discounts for the latest game versions, which is a good place to see when you want to get offers and pay for fewer gaming products. 

You will not find Free games available for direct download here, but you can reach the G2A booty system, in which users can exchange parts to open "covers" that can hold a number of free games, including the latest AAA headers for Happy discovered.

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13- UPlay

best software for downloading pc games

Uplay is very similar to the sites we talked about earlier, but it works exclusively for games produced and developed by Ubisoft, being one of the best websites to download games. 

However, we highly recommend it as many games are offered for free or at very low selling prices throughout the year.

Unlike Origin, this is not required, as the company's PC games can be purchased on other platforms (including Steam). 

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14- GOG

best software for downloading pc games

GOG is mainly designed to offer the older PC games to people who want them in a simple way as a lot of them were not available before.

Recently, the store has grown and offers games of all kinds, all times, in addition to offering great sales, promotions, and even several free games.

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15- windows store

best software for downloading pc games

For those with the latest versions of Windows on their computers, checking out the Windows Store can be a good idea if you're looking for games. 

There are many recent versions that you can buy there, as well as many free alternatives that you might be interested in.

16- Itch.io

best software for downloading pc games

Itch.io is the best site for downloading pc games you'll find if you love indie games.

There are established studio games and many newbie developers in the area. Most of the games are paid for, but you can still find a lot of free options on the website. And it even gives you a desktop app, so you can easily organize your library.

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17- Humble Bundle

best software for downloading pc games

Humble Bundle is one of the more interesting options on this list, as a portion of the profits from the games they sell are funneled into charity. 

The amount is set by the buyer. In addition to a more regular store, the site also offers game packs at very low prices and a subscription plan where you will have great quality games every month.

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18- Green Man Gaming

best software for downloading pc games

Green Man Gaming Store is fairly new, but it has already managed to set itself apart from the other options. 

It offers new versions of games at fair prices and sells regularly. 

Since they don't have an app, the games you buy can be redeemed directly on Steam, which can be considered a big advantage.

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19- Kinguin

best software for downloading pc games

This platform is somewhat different from the other options we have mentioned, as it gives players a safe space to sell, buy and trade games, items, and skins with each other. 

The cool part is that you can get your money back or your product back within 30 days if something goes wrong.

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20- Free Games Downloads

best software for downloading pc games

Free Game Downloads is an old alternative to the best pc game download sites, offering plenty of classic options that you can download at will. 

The biggest advantage is that the entire library can be downloaded for free! Of course, some older games may need some tweaking in order for them to work well in more modern operating systems.

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21- Free Games Empire

best software for downloading pc games

Free Game Empire is a very interesting website because you don't even have to download pc games they offer if you don't want to. Almost anything can be played right in your browser, which is a good way to try whatever you find. 

Just like with downloading pc games free, most games are very old, but they are also free.

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22- GamersGate

best software for downloading pc games

GamersGate is another great alternative for those who want to play on PC or Mac. 

The online store has a fantastic catalog of games, ranging from the biggest releases in the industry to some of the most interesting indie games you can find. 

Another interesting aspect is that the platform offers a rewards program that is highly dependent on your participation and interaction on the website.

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Other software may be needed for gamers:

1- TeamSpeak

The perfect app for vocal discussion for players, with additional encryption. 

Games can be an excellent source of escape, but many things are compared to join your friends online for a good discussion over your helmet. 

Who do you want to contact in World of Warcraft or just chew the fat, while everyone plays, excellent VoIP voice (voice via an application for an Internet protocol) is important.

There are many options for vocal discussion, but our preferred VoIP application is Teamspeak. You can easily connect to friends and its defined options are seriously impressive, allowing you to configure the sound level using the ECHO reduction. 

TeamSpeak encryption is free for daily use From a non-commercial PC, although you have opened your portfolio for renting a server or use your mobile application.

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2- Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Optimize Your PC Settings, Whichever Gaming Platform You Use. 

Razer, as an established manufacturer of PC gaming peripherals, also produces very powerful free software to optimize your machine. Of course, there are areas in the suite that will guide you to some of Razer's premium apps.

It was designed to work with all types of PCs, so whether you are running a basic version or a rigged monster of a platform, Game Booster has something to offer your machine.

Game booster improves your PC settings automatically to improve your experience to fit any platform which you use.

It's really smart free software for your gaming PC, and it's ideal if you're looking for a little extra improvement without much effort.

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3- MSI Afterburner

The best free overclocking tool to get extra performance from your GPU.

MSI originally wrote Afterburner to overclock their line of graphics cards, but software has since been released to allow Nvidia and AMD card owners to push their hardware to the limit. 

Even with a fleeting interest in making your new gaming PC's graphics card pay its price, free MSI Afterburner optimization software is essential.

Think of MSI Afterburner as the way to unleash the internal potential of your GPU - the software opens up the bit voltage settings of your chosen hardware and allows you to improve its overall performance. 

Be warned, though: messing around with these settings can seriously overheat your rig, so make sure the cooling unit is set to the maximum before you start baking your GPU.

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4- OBS Studio

The best recording and streaming app that most online gamers use.

There are many options for streaming your games, but too many options force you into unnecessary limitations. so we advise you to use OBS studio as it is free software that allows you to stream to your server or a variety of popular portals ( like Twitch, DailyMotion, and others). 

Setting up OBS Studio is also very straightforward, so if you're relatively new to the streaming scene, you won't get lost in all of these options. If you want to take it a step further, there is the option to adjust the webcam footage and add images/graphics to add that extra level of professionalism OBS Studio also supports HD streaming, so if you like to stream with higher quality level, you can keep your blank picture online.

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5- CPU-Z

CPU-Z is recommended if you want to know your PC performance and to know the best ways to improve it and use the best software that fits your PC completely.

It's certainly not an appealing program, but it's the kind of backend kit you should really try if you want to put your PC in the best possible condition (especially if you're looking to break into the esports scene or build a new one. streaming career).

CPU-Z lets you view all kinds of in-depth information about various areas of your PC in a fairly straightforward format. 

It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely worth it if you can maximize your PC's performance. in real-time and save reports anytime in TXT or HTML format.

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Of course, if you are a gamer, you need sites that help you to find any game you want to play, so in this article, we offer a list of the 22 best sites for downloading pc games for free and for paid games, and also we offer some important software that help you in developing your pc performance and find the games that fit your PC.

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