How to delete a TikTok account permanently from the app


How to delete TikTok account permanently from the app
"How to delete TikTok account"

TikTok has become a sensation in a very short time. It was founded in China in 2016 under the name “Douyin”. In 2017, the Chinese company "ByteDance" introduced the video creation and sharing platform to the international market under the name "TikTok", and the rest is history. 

TikTok is full of videos on dancing, comedy, education, inspiration, and more! But the problem is, you can't access TikTok videos without the internet. 

For using TikTok, you should have an account on it without it you can't watch, like, and upload any video.

If you already have an account, for any reason you may want to deactivate or delete your account permanently from the app. so, in this article, we will teach you how to delete tiktok account step by step.

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How to delete a tiktok account by simple steps:

You should remember, if you finally decide to deactivate or delete your TikTok account, your videos will be deleted also. so if you want to save and download any of them you can use apps for downloading TikTok videos to keep them on your device.

Now if you saved what you want from your videos, you are ready to delete your account permanently:

Step 1: open the TikTok app.

Step 2: press on your profile button "Me" on the right bottom of the screen of the app.

Step 3: Press the "3 dots" button on the right top of the screen of the app to open a list of choices.

Step 4: from the list select the "Manage my account" choice.

Step 5: press on the "Delete account" option at the bottom of the screen of the app.

Step 6: follow on the next screen.

Step 7: Finally, press on "Delete account" again to verify this operation.

Step 8: you should wait for 30 days to permanently delete your account from the app.

Then you can uninstall the app if you will not use it again as it becomes useless if you don't have an account on it.


After following the previous first (7 steps) your account will only be deactivated and you can reactivate it again by only logging in to your account again. But after 30 days from these steps ( Step 8), your account will be deleted permanently.

If you used the just for watching videos on it and you never had logged in to the app with an email, you will not need to delete an email you just can uninstall the app and delete it. {alertInfo}


If you may want how to delete a tiktok account for any reason, you should follow the previous steps completely to do that. And if you face any problem in these steps you can write your problem in a comment and we will try to solve it for you.

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