26 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free
"Sites For Anime"

sites for anime are distinctive and wonderful sites full of movies, anime series and TV shows that everyone loves or would like to explore to experience the anime. You can browse these sites to find anime, drama, action, intelligence, horror, kids, and more. Many of these sites enable you to filter the animations based on the quality of the work, the season you want, and the language as well.

Measured by the rise in popularity of anime series, a large number of best free anime sites are now available for streaming. If you spent a long time trying to find sites for anime to watch anime for free but didn't find what you wanted, here in this article we will show you the best sites for anime where you can watch your favorite anime online for free.

If you want to watch movies and series that you love for free, we have best sites to watch movies and series, don’t miss it.

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What is Sites for anime?

In Japan, anime is referred to as animation, while outside Japan, anime is thought of as cartoon clips made in Japan. Japanese anime differs from animation in other countries through the way they draw and display the story and movements, and they give the clips a special effect such as zooming and moving with each movement to add realism. They are also adept at creating unique and exciting stories that have attracted many fans around the world. 

let’s Start.

1- Crunchyroll

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Crunchyroll is one of sites for anime that features some of the best anime like Naruto, Attack on Titan, etc. It has a simple interface and hosts a huge collection of Asian dramas, anime, and even manga.

It owns licenses for some of the most popular anime and manga features. It also provides fans with a shop that offers exciting anime merchandise as well as the latest information on their favorite anime properties.

A great version of Crunchyroll is also available, where ads will be removed, and some extra features will be added. Some of the best anime series that you can watch on Crunchyroll for free are Naruto, Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, My Hero Academia, etc.

countries available : 180+ countries

Price : 14-day free trial. Then you pay $7.99/$9.99.

pros of Crunchyroll :

  • The site enables you to search any anime series according to categories such as genre, language or season.

  • It has an easy and attractive interface for visitors.
  • It is one of the free anime watching website that offers animations on demand.
  • Offers a one-stop shop for cartoon lovers.
  • Supports languages: English, French, Dutch and more.
  • This platform helps you to watch your favorite dramas.

cons of Crunchyroll  :

  • It contains some ads that may be annoying to some.
  • Subscription is required for the premium version that includes many features.
  • The site is not available worldwide.

2- 9anime

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

9anime is one of best websites to watch anime and show anime series and movies. It is truly a huge platform for anime series and also great movies in high quality, which makes it a fan favorite. You will find the latest episodes on the anime website, having already aired in Japan. 

You can also easily find your favorite cartoons with the help of quick filters. All addresses are also alphabetized, making the search process simpler. Here are some of the anime listed as most watched on 9anime are Death Note, Naruto and Dragon Ball.

countries available : ِِAll countries.

Price : from best free anime sites.

pros of 9anime :

  • This site allows you to filter your videos by season, year, quality, genre, and more.
  • No need to register to enter the site and see what you want.
  • The site has a clean and attractive interface for the users.
  • free anime stream online.
  • Quick and comprehensive site navigation.
  • You can search for new, old and most watched movies and series with ease.
  • Watch in HD.

cons of  9anime :

  • You cannot download anime series or movies.
  • Sometimes the loading time of the site is slow.
  • The site's video player cuts the intros for the anime.

3- Kissanime

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Kissanime is one of the largest and best sites for anime in the world. Kissanime enables you to watch anime for free online or download and watch it at any other time when you don't have an active internet connection. With Kissanime there are anime series and movies in all categories such as drama, sci-fi, horror, action, comedy and more. 

It also offers free anime cartoons with all attributes from 240p to 1080p. It also contains audio and translations in English for better understanding. Creating an account in Kissanime is not mandatory to watch the anime you want, but this account will help you to easily manage your favorite episodes and videos.

countries available : All countries.

Price : free anime streaming online.

pros of Kissanime:

  • You can watch without the need to connect to the Internet.
  • The site enables you to request the animation clips you want.
  • Choose the resolution of the anime you want to watch as you like.
  • It provides categories like Action, Comedy, Dubbing, Action, Sports, and more.
  • It provides you with advanced filter search to make the search process easier for you.
  • You can also download videos very quickly.
  • It has a nice and organized interface for the visitors.

cons of Kissanime:

  • Not available on all devices to use.
  • Contains some ads that are annoying to some.
  • Difficulty using a VPN.

4- AnimeDao

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

AnimeDao is one of the best free anime sites that has received great marks when it comes to video quality, ease of use, loading speeds, outstanding for such free sites, availability of content, and reliable guarantee. 

It is also preferred by anime lovers all over the world because it provides a good experience for the visitors of viewing the anime smoothly to avoid any problems in finding their favorite movies and series. The video quality to be played can also be set between 340p to 1080p on AnimeDao, . You can also find dubbed copies of all the old and newer anime series and movies for all anime lovers.

countries available : All countries.

Price : free anime site.

pros of Anime Dao :

  • He puts a notification of any upcoming new anime.
  • You can bookmark videos to watch them later.
  • You can adjust the quality according to your internet (340p-1080p).
  • The site enables you to access the latest titles.
  • watch anime for free.
  • Simple interface. Light and dark looks are also available.
  • There is a list classification for easy to find what you want.

cons of Anime Dao :

  • The location is not as perfect as you would like.
  • Downloads from the site are not allowed.
  • There are many ads.

5- Funimation

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Funimation is one of the most prominent sites in the anime show owned by Sony, and it is one of the most popular sites for anime that have brought anime and animation to a wider audience. The site is also famous for publishing dubbed foreign content for many series and programs. It is designed with a simple and beautiful interface that will take you wherever you want to go. 

Anime is also appropriately categorized so that anyone can find what they want to watch. If you don't want to watch cartoons with English subtitles and want English audio, Funimation is the best for this. The site also offers strong streaming speeds as it is home to some of the latest and newest anime being shown in Japan at the moment.

countries available : United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.

Price : You will pay $5.99 (monthly), also for the other monthly service $7.99, annually you will pay $99.99.

pros of Funimation :

  • There is an anime and manga store to buy what you want from your favorite heroes.
  • The site contains original, high-quality content.
  • Special dubbed versions are available on the site.
  • An ongoing animated and anime series is also available.

cons of Funimation : 

  • You will have to put up with ads that may be a burden to some visitors while watching their favorite cartoons.
  • Dubbed version you have to pay to get it.
  • Available in select locations. 

6- AnimeLab

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

AnimeLab is from free best anime sites to watch that quickly offers up the latest episodes airing in Japan. This site broadcasts the latest shows a few hours after the broadcast. It makes finding everyone's favorite anime very easy with its categories as Recently Added, Popular Shows, Genre, and more. 

There is a premium version of Animelab, which can be chosen if you want to get rid of ads and prefer English audio over subtitles. Moreover, it can also work across many devices with high quality. It is also simple and easy to navigate to get what you want.

countries available : New Zealand and Australia

price : for free and $7.99 AUD/month

pros of AnimeLab :

  • You can watch movies and series from Android, iPhone and multiple devices.
  • You can watch newly added shows and dubbed shows.
  • Contains HD anime content to watch.
  • It is one of the top anime sites to watch anime that offers action, adventure, horror, drama and more.
  • This anime site offers thousands of episodes to watch and enjoy.
  • The site offers quick updates to keep up with what the visitor wants.

cons of AnimeLab :

  • It is only available in certain countries.
  • Annoying ads for some in the free version.
  • Dubbing is available to subscribers only.

7- Chia-Anime

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Chia Anime is one of the most famous sites for anime that provides anime for all anime lovers and allows them to watch it easily on the Internet. It is one of best free anime sites that offers a lot of anime series reaching more than 1000 anime. With the advancement and abundance of free anime websites, Chia-Anime goes above and beyond in satisfying anime fans. The site offers a fun anime watching experience as well as easy navigation for anime. 

The site will enable you to watch popular anime series such as Hero Academia, One Piece, Dragon ball, and more as soon as they are broadcast in Japan. Chia-Anime also has a cool feature that keeps you up to date with the latest anime. Chia-Anime's navigation is very smooth and simple, with a distinct and clean interface that allows you to search the series and movies you want based on different categories. There you will find the latest anime titles you want old and new.

countries available : All countries.

price : watch anime for free.

pros of Chia-Anime : 

  • The site has a wonderful attractive interface.
  • Fast video download without waiting.
  • The site enables you to enjoy the latest series and movies.
  • There are free dubbed versions for you to watch.
  • The site offers easy and smooth browsing to the visitors.
  • It offers an outstanding list of anime series for Drama, Horror, Comedy, Magic, Action, Adventure, etc.
  • The site contains easy categories for quick advanced search. 

cons of  Chia-Anime :

  • It contains many annoying pop-up ads for many visitors.
  • Sometimes the site may experience a slowdown. 

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8- AnimeFreak

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

AnimeFreak is also one of the sites for anime ( watch anime for free ). This site brings all anime movies and series to more than a million visitors in the world. This site has great features from us, the direct interface, the series, and it offers high-quality videos and helps you watch what you love from the latest anime episodes. 

countries available : All countries.

price : watch anime for free.

pros of AnimeFreak : 

  • You can search and find the newest and most popular anime easily.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface that is attractive to visitors.
  • Give you the option to create your favorite cartoon list to watch.
  • The site supports browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • You can choose from multiple sources to watch.
  • free watch anime sites.
  • The site has multiple resolutions, including 1080p.
  • There is also an anime community to connect with.
  • The site contains more than 10,000 episodes of different anime shows.

cons of AnimeFreak : 

  • The site contains multiple advertisements that may be harassing to some.

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9- Gogoanime

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Gogoanime is a great anime platform that offers watch anime for free from movies and series that everyone loves. The site is characterized by a lack of activities, although it is free, but it maintains the pleasure of the visit for visitors. The site contains many animations, including new and old, known to anime fans. 

The site is constantly updating the animation and adding the latest one. The site has an easy and elegant interface that enables you to search and find what you want, where you can browse according to the popularity of the anime, the day, the week, or the month to move between them and enjoy what you want to watch.

countries available : All countries. 

price : for free.

pros of Gogoanime :  

  • The site allows you to view the latest anime releases.
  • The site includes a clean and attractive interface for visitors to provide an enjoyable experience.
  • The site offers different types of anime such as action, action, horror, drama, children, and more.
  • Includes an anime community to connect.
  • The site enables you to request the video you want.
  • Comprehensive and fast navigation with a unique filter.

cons of Gogoanime : 

  • The only problem we had was the slow loading time at times.

10- Anime Planet

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Anime-planet is another free site from list of best sites for anime that offers a collection of more than 50,000 episodes to its visitors.The site provides you with a wide range of animation, anime and manga easily that makes viewing on the site more enjoyable. 

The site also offers reviews by fans to get to know their opinions and share with them, as it provides you with access to forums to connect with anime fans like you. The site has an easy interface designed to provide convenience to the visitor and provide a unique viewing experience.

countries available : All countries. 

price : for free.

pros of Anime planet :

  • There is the latest anime news to follow, all new.
  • The site is compatible with multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • The site contains a few annoying pop-up ads.
  • You have free access to many Anime and Manga movies and series.
  • You can browse all series and movies seamlessly.
  • There are anime forums to chat and communicate with other anime fans.

cons of Anime planet : 

  • The site requires registration before entering and enjoying the anime.
  • The sucker does not have specific categories in type, genre, and so on.

11- Soul Anime

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Soul Anime is a great website that you can use to enjoy watching anime for free. It is considered one of the best anime sites to watch that you can watch as there are more than 3500 anime series that are available for free streaming online. You can watch anime in high quality on Soul Anime. 

It is easy to navigate through the site and choose the anime and search based on genre, time or characters to find the anime you like. The site is also constantly updating anime episodes from the time of their release.

countries available : All countries. 

price : best free anime sites.

pros of  Soul Anime : 

  • The site provides daily updates for the animation.
  • It offers a large list of great anime.
  • The site allows you to download the animation you want.
  • You can search for the anime you like easily and quickly.
  • The site contains dubbed versions.
  • There is an advanced search where the animations are organized by genre. 

cons of  Soul Anime :

  • The loading time of the site is slow at times.
  • It has pop-up ads that are annoying to some users.

12- Hulu

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Hulu is a very special anime website that provides unlimited instant streaming of content from among the anime websites online. Contains current and classic TV shows, movies and hit series. This site allows you to watch videos on any device you have whether it is on TV, phone, laptop and tablet.

countries available : Japan and United States.

price : Available the first month for free and then for $5.99 per month.

pros of  Hulu :  

  • Contains few ads.
  • The site enables you to download many titles to watch when the Internet is not available.
  • The site allows you to record the screen.
  • It delivers a personalized and distinctive TV experience.
  • The site is compatible with all your favorite devices to play.

cons of  Hulu :  

  • You must subscribe to the site to view.

13- Tubi.tv

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Tubi is a free Japanese anime website that is easy to use and allows you to watch a huge number of anime and TV shows online. You can watch movies, series and TV shows in great quality. The site works on all known devices, as it offers a library of the oldest and most recent series.

countries available : United States, Mexico, Canada, Philippines and Australia. 

price : watch anime for free. 

pros of Tubi.tv :

  • It has a clean and fast user interface for visitors.
  • The site enables you to save movies and series for you to watch at another time.
  • The site is accessible on multiple devices.
  • The site broadcasts without ads.
  • It contains more than 40,000 titles.
  • The site can find shows, series and movies easily and quickly.
  • The site is free and there is no need to sign up to register and login. 

cons of Tubi.tv : 

  • The site does not include anime categories for quick search.
  • Ads are present at every 10-minute interval.
  • Sometimes the site slows down.

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14- Netfilx

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Netflix is a giant website in the world of online streaming that brings series and movies and offers a large content of great anime to its patrons all over the world. It is one of the best sites for anime that has anime, anime and TV shows for everyone. Here you can get dubbed copies and also stream anime in very high quality.

countries available : All countries.

price : The first 30 days are free and then you have to pay $7.99-9.99 per month.

pros of Netfilx :

  • The site provides ad-free streaming for enjoyable viewing.
  • You can choose from multiple quality options.
  • The site has a clean and elegant interface.
  • It also allows you to download your favorite animations.
  • The site contains original, high-quality content and offers programs for children. 

cons of Netfilx :

  • Payment is required to access premium content. 

15- AnimeHeaven

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

AnimeHeaven is one of the most popular anime website that is free anime streaming online and has a good reputation for streaming popular anime and anime movies and series online. The site collects all old and new series and movies on one site for free for all anime lovers. There is also the ability to watch movies and series in high quality up to 780 pixels or 1080 pixels. 

The site offers you the ability to search for animations to make it easier for you, so it divided them into lists depending on genres such as drama, horror, comedy, kids, thriller, etc. The site also allows users to upload videos in different formats, and you can play them as well. So Anime Heaven is a perfect choice for you.

countries available : All countries.

Price : free anime site.

pros of AnimeHeaven :

  • The site divides the anime into easy-to-access categories.
  • This site does not display ads while the video is playing.
  • The site enables you to download anime from Google Drive to your own files.
  • It provides a mobile friendly interface for watching movies and series.
  • watch anime for free.
  • You can select the video quality you want to play automatically.
  • It is considered one of the best unbanned anime sites.

cons of  AnimeHeaven :

  • Unfortunately, the classic anime is not available on this site.
  • Sometimes there is a delay in downloading the latest episodes.
  • There are a few ads that are annoying to some.

16- Anime Take

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Anime Take is one of the best sites in the anime world that has a large and comprehensive collection of free anime series and movies online. You can browse this site easily and conveniently. And you can access your favorite anime without any hassle based on genre, popularity or alphabet.

countries available : All countries.

Price : free anime site.

pros of Anime Take :

  • It is considered one of the best free anime sites that offers many categories of anime.
  • There is a brief anime synopsis with each anime video.
  • The site notifies you of the latest updates of upcoming anime movies.
  • You can watch the anime you like for free online with English subtitles.
  • The site has an alphabetical classification to search for anime seamlessly. 

cons of Anime Take :

  • The site contains many annoying ads.
  • There is no possibility to download.

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17- MyAnimeList

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

My Anime List is a great website for following awesome anime movies. The site also contains the largest database of movies, anime and manga series. It is one of the best anime sites that you can watch, and it provides reviews and opinions of others before you start watching a new anime. The site also contains a community and fan club to connect with anime fans.

countries available : All countries.

Price : Monthly/yearly subscription.

pros of MyanimeList :

  • The site enables you to get notified of upcoming anime.
  • It offers you the feature to search for anime by movie characters.
  • You can start a discussion with others about your favorite anime topics.
  • On the site, you can post your opinion or read reviews

cons of MyanimeList :

  • The presence of ads.
  • You must subscribe to prevent ads from appearing.

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18- Asian Crush

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Anime Crush is one of best sites for anime for Asian movies and series. It shows old and new anime here, and you will fall in love with anime on this site. The site displays various types of anime, from martial arts to Japanese animation, and broadcasts them in one place. Accessing movies is also simple, and you can filter by year, month and more. The site also has a blog that shows the latest news updates.

countries available : North America.

Price : Monthly/yearly subscription. 

pros of Asian Crush :

  • The site includes Chinese and Japanese series, anime, K-drama.
  • The site is available on multiple devices such as Apple, Android, Amazon Fire, Roku.
  • Easy search where you can filter by genre, region or topic.

cons of Asian Crush :

  • You must subscribe to view.
  • Contains a lot of ads.

19- Contv

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Contv is one of the best anime sites for streaming movies, TV series and modern and wonderful animations. The site has a distinctive interface that is attractive to visitors and also has a store that includes all things. On the site there are many comic stories of action, drama, horror and romance, and you can also watch what you want whenever you want.

countries available : United States.

price : There is free and paid.

pros of Contv :

  • The site is available for the web, iOS and Android.
  • The site includes comics and featured graphic novels.
  • The site enables you to add videos to your favorite watch list.
  • Also includes a children's anime collection.
  • The site helps you watch original movie shows, comedy movies, etc.

cons of Contv :

  • The free version of the site has limited content and offers.
  • There are ads while watching videos

20- AniPlus Asia

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

AniPlus Asia is a great website for anime on the internet especially for fans of anime and animation, with its distinguished movies and series. Here you can watch what you want for free for a month, tomorrow you need to register as a member to enjoy everything the site has to offer. 

There is a community for chatting and communicating with anime fans, and members get many free gifts. This special site also has a shop for shopping for T-shirts, pillows, or books with your favorite characters and more other products

countries available : Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia .

price : One month free and then you sign up to view the site and enjoy the benefits.
pros of AniPlus Asia :
  • Available on multiple devices such as computer, tablet and phone.
  • The site includes an anime merchandise store that contains many special products.
  • When subscribing, members get priority to get gifts, events, and games related to their favorite anime characters.
  • You can create or join a community to connect with anime fans. 

cons of AniPlus Asia :

  • The site contains some pop-up ads.
  • After the free month period ends, you must subscribe. 

21- MidNight-PULp

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Midnight Pulp is another site for the anime, but this time by looking at the site's logo we will find "the stream of all strange things." On this site, you can find what you want from anime movies by filtering by many things. Sub- and dubbed versions of all anime and animation films are also available on the site.

countries available : All countries.

price : The site is free, if you want to sign up for the free ad-free version starting at $5 per month.

pros of MidNight-PULp :

  • The site has a distinctive and attractive interface for users.
  • The site does a weekly update of anime episodes.
  • You can search, filter by year, name, and more.
  • The site has a very large collection of rare and distinctive series, which is difficult to find.

cons of MidNight-PULp :

  • The site has limited content in the free version for users.
  • You must log in after each exit from the site.
  • Contains some annoying ads. 

22- AnimeFrenzy

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Animefrenzy is on the list as one of best sites for anime to watch your favorite anime and anime. The site contains a large number of anime and wonderful exclusives for anime lovers. The site also enables you to watch and enjoy animated movies on your phone.

countries available : All countries.

price : watch anime for free.

pros of AnimeFrenzy :

  • The site offers many categories to facilitate the selection such as cartoons, series, movies, etc.
  • It displays the latest anime shows to watch.
  • The site provides a list of sections to choose from.
  • The site makes it easy for you to find popular clips that you like. 

cons of AnimeFrenzy :

  • The site contains some pop-up ads.

23- Side Reel

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Side Real is a website that has a section for watching anime, and it contains a large number of anime movies and series. The site contains anime shows such as action, drama, fantasy, horror, romance, and more.

countries available : All countries.

price : The site is free, but you can sign up for the free, ad-free version.

pros of Side Reel :

  • You can easily search for the categories you want, such as romance, drama, fantasy, etc.
  • The site sends notifications to watch your favorite episodes.
  • It is one of the best sites for anime to watch anime for free.

cons of Side Reel :

  • Contains ads.
  • You must subscribe to get rid of ads.
  • You must be registered to enter.

24- Masterani

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Masterani is a free anime website that has a great homepage for showing anime movies and series. The site also enables you to choose the resolution in which you want to watch the series, according to your Internet capabilities. You can use this site to search for anime series with unlimited streaming.

countries available : All countries.

price : for free. 

pros of Masterani :

  • It is considered one of the fastest and best sites for anime streaming sites.
  • You can use it without any registration.
  • It has an attractive and simple user interface that is easy for visitors.

cons of  Masterani :

  • You cannot download from the site.
  • Contains some ads. 

25- AnimeUltima

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

Anime Ultima is one of the best anime sites on the internet. The site includes all the famous animated series and movies. The site offers very high viewing accuracy and a series of dubbed and translated anime as well. The site facilitates the search process for you with its anime sections.

countries available : All countries.

price : for free. 

pros of AnimeUltima :

  • It has an excellent interface for visitors.
  • Facilitate the search process without any hassle.
  • Contains many movies and series of anime. 

cons of AnimeUltima :

  • There is no button to download movies and series on the site.
  • There are some ads on the site.

26- Watch Anime

25 Best Sites For Anime : Watch Anime For Free

WatchAnime is another great site for streaming anime, series and TV shows. The site has the latest episodes that you want and there are different types of movies like Action, History, Thriller, Sci-Fi and more.

countries available : All countries.

price : for free. 

pros of WatchAnime :

  • The site enables the user to watch the videos he wants in high quality. 
  • The site displays the latest cartoons and anime immediately on its home page. 
  • The site has sections for different categories at the top of the screen to navigate to the category you want. 
  • You can search for your favorite cartoon through the search bar easily and quickly.
cons of WatchAnime :
  • Sometimes there are pop-up ads and pop-up promotions that may be annoying to some.


If you love watching anime, we have provided the best free anime sites to choose from and enjoy the wonderful viewing, please leave a comment on your best sites for anime.

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