The most expensive Mac Pro or computer in the world

 The most expensive Mac Pro or computer in the world 2021

In the world of 2019, Apple made the most expensive Pro owner device in the world, and Apple is considered by making this device almost impossible and bringing about a great industrial and developmental revolution in the world of electronics.

This Mac Pro is distinguished by many other features, which some considered and described as a supernatural device, as no other device has capabilities close even to the capabilities of this device, even other Mac Pro devices that were manufactured by Apple are considered to have few capabilities and specifications. Very relative to the specifications and capabilities of this device.

Despite the very high price of the Mac Pro, those interested in the world of electronics described the device as terrible, which may be worth this very expensive price for many of us.

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Apple Mac Pro 2019 specifications and capabilities:

  1. Apple manufactured the Mac Pro 2019 device in the form of a closed box with multiple slots, in order to provide good ventilation for the device from the inside, get rid of heat and prevent the device from overheating, which negatively affects the device.
  2. The device also has 3 internal fans to also get rid of heat and not overheat the device.
  3. This device has an Intel processor (8-28 core).
  4. The device has 12 places designated for inserting RAM, and the capacity of the RAM reaches 1.5 terabytes (1500 gigabytes), and this is an abnormal number and is not comparable with any other device on the surface of the earth.
  5. The device has 8 slots for the graphics card, and Apple offers the NPX Connector feature, a service that is distinguished by the presence of 2 graphics cards, and the Mac Pro can use 2 NPX Connector services.
  6. That is, you can have 4 graphics cards in one device, and each card separately provides you with 14 teraflops and 32 GB of memory, meaning that 4 graphics cards provide you with 56 teraflops and 128 GB of memory for the graphics card only.
  7. Mac Pro 2019 has a storage capacity of 4tera SSD (4000GB of memory), which is of the type of SSD, which provides a high speed for the device compared to other types of storage units.
  8. The device is also characterized by the ease of dismantling and installing the outer part of it.

Apple offers with the Apple Mac Pro 2019 screen (Apple Pro Display XDR):

  • This screen has a higher quality than the HDR screen.
  • 32 inch screen.
  • Resolution 6K.
  • It is the first LCD screen with a contrast ratio of 1:100,000, and there is no screen yet that reaches this number.

Apple Mac Pro 2019 price:

The price of the Apple Mac Pro is from (6000 dollars) to the lowest capabilities:

  1. 8core
  2. storage: 256 SSD
  3. RAM: 32G
  4. CPU: AMD 8GB

The price of the Apple Mac Pro to $35,000 for the highest capabilities:

  1. 56core
  2. storge: 4K SSD
  3. RAM: 1500GB
  4. CPU: AMD 128GB

The price of the screen (Apple Pro Display XDR):

  1. 5000 dollars
  2. That is, the price of the entire device reaches about 40,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 700,000 Egyptian pounds.

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