10 Screen recording apps for PC

10 Screen recording apps for PC
"Screen recording apps"

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Which app is best for screen recording?

If you want to save or remember a process that contains multiple steps on the computer, you certainly need apps recording your screen to help you in that Screenshots apps capture what is happening on your screen, including cursor movements, so you can give instructions, describe problems, or share them.

Writing a description of these things takes more time than just showing someone the screen, so you usually don't stand next to the person or people who need to see your screen. Video recording apps solve this problem.

there are many screens recording apps but in this article, we give you an idea about the best screen recording apps for androidbest screen recording apps for iPhonebest screen recording apps for mac, and best screen recording apps for windows.

1- Camtasia ( Windows, Mac)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

Camtasia's video recording interface is simple and pointless. You select the capture area, whether you want to enable the webcam and microphone inputs, and then click Record.

Its built-in video editor is another matter entirely. There is a complete list of unmanaged editing options. Feel overwhelmed with click-and-drag effects and a rich array of storage media on the left side of the app, with detailed properties and settings appearing on the right whenever you select an item in the timeline.

Camtasia offers great video tutorials for anyone struggling with their editing tools, but creates amazingly professional intros and closings and puts them into our test video. It only took us a few seconds.

Camtasia is used as one of the screen recording apps mac, and the best screen recording apps for windows.

Camtasia's price is 249$ for a lifetime business license.

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2- Screencastify (Chrome)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

If you need to share a lot of short screen recordings but don't need a lot of editing bells and whistles, you can't go wrong with Screencastify. With a longer production time than screen capture. Screencastify quickly and easily changes editing options to a user-friendly desktop interface for recording and sharing videos, since it's a Chrome extension, you can set everything up in a minute or two. Select what you want to record (Screencastify can record video outside the browser window), enable or disable webcam and microphone capture, and click Record.

While recording, Screencastify places a toolbar in the lower-left corner of the browser that includes cursor settings (toggle focus bubbles, add click animations, and auto-hide cursor when inactive), as well as a brush to annotate content in the Chrome window.

When you stop recording, Screencastify will open the video in your web player and download the file to your Google Drive (or save the file locally to your computer if you've changed the settings).

You can upload this file to YouTube or Google Classroom if you like. Or download a video. There are also some simple editing tools: cut, split and merge.

Screencastify price is 49$/year for unlimited videos and free for videos up to 5 minutes.

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3- OBS Studio (Windows, Mac, Linux)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

What OBS Studio lacks in editing features, it makes up for in streaming and recording capabilities. First, the open-source application allows you to create customizable “studio” audio and video presets that you can cycle through while recording.

When fully prepared, these audio and video preset eliminate the need to worry about any settings when playing live video thanks to powerful OBS integration. There are 44 platforms (! ) On the streaming menu, from reputable sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch to hidden streaming platforms like watchpeoplecode.com and Sermon Audio. Opening the Settings menu and pasting the streaming key in the text box is all it takes to customize the One-Click Start Streaming button in the main panel. Like audio mixing or live webcam location, so make sure you are ready.

OBS Studio is one of the screen recording apps free.

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4- APOWersoft Unlimited (Windows, Mac, Android, ios)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

The APO Wersoft Unlimited plan has a lot to offer and it works more functionally than screen recording tools that come with the telephone. It includes a subscription to 17 APO Wersoft applications (eight of which are for recording or editing video) that can be launched from a single console. 

There is an Android screen recorder app and another for the iPhone, both of which include settings not found in any other app, such as resolution control, bit rate acceleration, frame rate selection, and camera settings.

If you have the Apowersoft Unlimited package, you can stream video from your mobile device to your computer screen and use the desktop recorder to capture audio from your webcam, microphone, PC, and mobile device on your computer at the same time.

This is especially useful if you want to show someone how to use the app, which has desktop and mobile versions. If there are similar features with different skins, displaying them side by side will eliminate any confusion.

can be used as a screen recording app for iPhone and screen recording app on android.

APO Wersoft Unlimited price is 59.95$/year for personal use and 99.95$/year for business use.

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5- Screen Flow (Mac)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

Telestream's ScreenFlow adds an element of awe to your screen recording but takes a steeper learning curve than the other options on this list. While its editor may seem minimal at first glance, there are many functions that you can use.

Telestream's ScreenFlow is one of the best screen recording apps for mac.

These tools are Telestream's stock library of over 500,000 images, audio, and video clips (some in 4k) to make your screen recordings look professional. Open the in-app gallery in the Features panel, search for a keyword, then click and drag your media onto the timeline. Access to the affordable media library costs $60 a year, which is worth it if your videos are watched by clients or a large audience.

Screen Flow price is 129$ for a lifetime license.

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6- AZ screen record (Android)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

AZ Screen Recorder is the gold standard for screen recording apps for android. It is lightweight, convenient, affordable, and inexpensive, and is probably the best and most popular screen recorder. 

 Plus, you can add a front-facing camera for things like streaming games or commenting. It has a simple video editor built into it. This way, you can get rid of unimportant details. Of course, it doesn't require root, no watermarks, no time limits, and more. 

The Pro version price is $2.99.

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7- Cloud App (Windows, Mac, ios, Chrome)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

CloudApp is a screen recording app that provides continuous visual communication with the product for screen recording, GIF creation, and screen capture.

Its screen recording function provides quick control to enable full-screen recording, audio-only, or web recording.

When you finish recording your screen, a link will be available to you. For instant sharing to Slack, Google Suite, Asana, Trello, or wherever you collaborate with your colleagues.

This is a quick fix if you need to create GIFs frequently. You can also use many useful add-ons (video subtitles, advanced analytics, Do Not Disturb mode, etc.), so you don't need any other third-party tools.

Cloud App price starts from 9.95$/month.

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8- Democreator (Windows, Mac)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

Need a fast solution for recording and editing demos, tutorials, presentations, and games?

The Wonder share Democreator is primarily designed for use in a professional environment to showcase experiences and create how-to guides or demos. Hence, the name. 

There are many editing options to add cursor sounds, animate text, place webcam footage anywhere in the recording, and more. All of this is implemented in a modern user interface that you will definitely love.

Democreator price is 32.99$/year.

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9- Snagit (Windows, Mac)

10 Screen recording apps for PC

Having trouble taking full-page screenshots below the fold?

Snagit is by far the best option for this. Even if you need to record a video. You can create complete screenshots of landing pages, emails, web pages, and more in seconds.

Several editing options that you can go to later, including stamps, arrows, and many other tools and effects. Please note that when you open the editor for the first time, you will not see all of this in the editing pane. Navigate to the image in the top bar to select the functions you want to display.

Snagit is used as one of the screen recording apps mac, and the best screen recording apps for windows.

Snagit price is 49.99$/year with a one-time free.

10 Screen recording apps for PC

OneShot is a screen recording app for android and a screen recording app for iPhone to use.  

After installing it, simply select the "Screen Capture" option to start recording. 

In addition, the app has an internal library where you can quickly access the video after recording. You can also adjust the resolution and speed of the content, as well as turn on the sound from the microphone of the mobile phone, which is an ideal choice for those who want to create video tutorials or games. 

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In this article, we have presented the best computer screen recording apps to record your moments and everything you want from playing, studying or calling. Please leave us in the comments what is your best software.

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