How to create a youtube channel in 5 steps


How to create a youtube channel in 5 steps
"How to create a youtube channel"

YouTube is a very famous platform that is used by most people around the world for many reasons as it contains a very huge number of videos almost about everything you want to watch from any place in the world near or away from you may be in a different county or even different continent from yours.

On youtube you can watch any videos you need and you can also download them on your device and watch them at any time you want by using Youtube videos downloader apps.

But you cannot upload your videos on YouTube until you have your personal channel on it. Having a personal channel on YouTube is a very useful thing if you have your own content or business that you want people to watch as you can offer it to many people around the whole world.

so in this article, we will teach you how to create a youtube channel art step by step.

By the way, you can download any video on YouTube using best YouTube video download apps for free.

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How to create a YouTube channel with simple steps: 

First of all, creating a YouTube channel isn't a hard thing, absolutely it is a simple thing and you can create a channel in a short time with the following steps.

we will discuss every step in something of detail:

Step 1: you should have a google account.

How to create a YouTube channel

Having a Google account is the first and an important step you should do to create your youtube channel. 

But if you already have an account, of course, you could use it and shouldn't have to create a new one.

You can sign up for a new one from HERE.

Step 2: creating your YouTube Account.

Automatically, when you sign in to your Google account on your browser, you set up in YouTube account with the same account and with the same name of your account, so we can consider this step isn't a real step as you can do it by just opening the YouTube after logging in to your google account.

Step 3: Creating your YouTube channel.

you can consider this step as the last step as after this step you will be having your own channel: 

How to create a YouTube channel

  1. Click on your youtube profile icon in the top right of the page.
  2. Choose the create a channel option from the list.
  3. Enter the name of your channel and upload any photo you want.
  4. Finally, click on CREATE CHANNEL.

Step 4: Making this new channel your own one.

After creating the channel, you have to customize your personal information on the channel to appear more professional:

How to create a YouTube channel

  1. Press on Customize Channel option or Channel allocation in the channel dashboard.
  2. On the cannel customization page, you will find Three options ( Background - Branding Coordination).
  3. Fill out your own information.
  4. Enter your description that describes your own content to make your account appear to people.

Step 5: Uploading your first video on your channel.

Now you have your personal YouTube channel and you can upload your videos to the very famous platform ( YouTube ) and making people around the world watching you and your content: 

If you want to delete any video you uploaded to YouTube, you can do so with simple steps.

How to create a YouTube channel

  1. Open your channel page.
  2. Only, click on CREATE or ESTABLISHMENT or DOWNLOAD VIDEOS button at the top of your page.

You can delete any YouTube video you Already have uploaded before at any time with simple steps.{alertInfo}


YouTube is a very famous platform that you can use in your business by making people seeing your content, so we should creating our channels and uploading our content on it to make people knowing more about it. In this article, we try to make it a simple operation as possible as we could and you face any problem you should write this in a comment and we will try to help you with it.

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